Gary S. Kath
Head of Engineering

Mr. Kath is an outstanding multi-disciplinary engineer who ran Merck Research Laboratories bioengineering/bioelectronics lab for over 32 years, and now owns and operates Design-To-Prototype, LLC.

In bringing his mechanical, electrical, optical, and software engineering expertise to Cerora, Kath will enable the Company to create products that execute its technologies on a par with established major players in the diagnostic hardware and software markets—leveling the engineering and design playing fields.

Mr. Kath has published 47 scholarly articles and technical papers and has developed major out-licensed automated equipment technologies, including the In Vitro Human PK Simulator, the world’s first Automated Countercurrent Chromatography Work station, and the world’s first low cost Solid-phase Chemical Reactor.

Kath received his Masters in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and holds a BS degree in Engineering from Widener University.