A New Era for Brain Health

Our Vision

At Cerora, we believe that objective biosensors are the future of neurodiagnostics and are transforming brain health assessment one biosensor at a time. We are on a mission to make a major positive impact in brain health assessment globally with an initial focus on concussion and traumatic brain injury.

  • Adam Simon, Cerora CEO, narrates an animation explaining how the Cerora Borealis biosensor platform works.
  • What We Do

    For clinicians who are diagnosing concussions, Cerora’s Borealis™ solution empowers better decisions with objective biosensor data, improves outcomes, and saves money.

    Unlike subjective approaches, our solution uses more than one data source and a challenge paradigm to increase diagnostic accuracy in real-time.

Think Objectively


Everyone knows someone who has had a concussion

Every year U.S. emergency rooms treat 135,000 sports-related traumatic brain injuries. Even more go undiagnosed or do not touch the U.S. healthcare system. No objective, portable, accurate and affordable diagnostic tool exists to assess brain function. The challenge is to identify those with a traumatic brain injury and empower clinicians during their medical management.

At Cerora, we are developing novel approaches to neurodiagnostics to aid in the identification and management of concussion/mild traumatic brain injury. We want to help patients safely return to activity after brain injury, regardless if that is learning in the classroom, playing sports, returning to duty, or their return to work.


Our Products

Cerora is developing cutting-edge brain health assessment technology

Designed and engineered by world experts in neurology and neuroscience, Cerora Borealis™ will change the paradigm of brain health assessments.


Our Team

Cerora has teamed up with leading institutions

Join Us

  • Adam J. Simon
  • David M. Devilbiss
  • Gary S. Kath
  • Gloria M. Ferko
  • Paul Martino
  • Kevin Harter
  • Hashem Ashrafiuon, PhD
  • Kaj Blennow, MD, PhD
  • Sam Gandy, MD, PhD
  • Stephen J. Martino, MD

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