Cerora founder engages with Craig Venter scientifically at SUH Festival in San Francisco

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San Francisco, CA, Tuesday, January 9, 2018 — Cerora CEO Adam Simon engages with Founder and CEO of Human Longevity Inc. Dr. Craig Venter scientifically after his panel discussion at the Startup Health Festival during JP Morgan Healthcare week in San Francisco. Dr. Simon asked Dr. Venter a technical question about his thoughts on the “nature” versus “nurture” debate (i.e. how much of human health is affected by our genes (nature) versus our environment and upbringing (nurture)). Dr. Simon approached Dr. Venter after the guest panelist reported that his company has among the deepest database of human genomes and health records, which would put him in a unique position to have seen more data on the subject than just about anyone else on the planet. The discussion turned lively and Dr. Simon elaborated his question asking about Dr. Venter’s view of pharmacogenomics and its role in human health. Dr. Venter shared his view that the data is quite mixed and “that you can still get cancer on a high kale diet” as they both laughed.

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